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Writing a NEW Story

My story…. I was broke but not broken.

When it’s 10 days before Christmas and you receive foreclosure papers… life gets REAL real quick.

However I refused to give up. I was finally healthy, I felt great and was ready to fight for my family, our life and our dreams.

I took a chance and invested in myself. Yes, I joined a company with an amazing product but it was the investment in myself that made the difference.

I invested in my mindset, learned new skills and took amazing but hard coaching. I had never done anything like this before but I was not gonna let my family down and I was not gonna let this be another thing I quit.

I rose to the top ranks of my company quickly, earned a vehicle bonus, trips, time freedom and financial success that changed my family’s life.

My story was my ignition, but not my engine. It got me started but is not what keeps me going. My fuel now is bigger dreams, generational wealth and IMPACT by helping other women chase their dreams.

Everyone has a story, it’s our past. The next chapter is a choice, how will yours be written?

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