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What even is Sacrifice?

This struck me this morning. Sacrifice? What does that even mean?

I think it means... when we have dreams and goals, what are we willing to give up to make that happen.

Is it sleep, is it our favorite show, is it mindless shopping, is it food that doesn't serve us....

Or is it something even deeper and bigger... our Limiting Beliefs?

The beliefs (doubts) that keep us comfortable. The voice in our head that tells us we don't deserve our dreams, they are not realistic, they aren't meant for people like us, people will judge us.

Hard truth... most people hold onto these beliefs like a warm fur in the middle of a snow storm. Most people won't admit it, but they cling to these beliefs because it keeps them comfortable. Keeps them safe.

Maybe what we need to TRULY sacrifice is our Limiting Beliefs.

Hear my heart.... if you do NOT sacrifice those beliefs, what you WANT in life will be the sacrifice.

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