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The TRUE Joys in Life

It’s funny how the BEST days of our lives aren’t usually marked with a huge occasion or a specific event but with small moments of joy.

Yesterday was PERFECTION for this mama. Not that I’m a fan of “perfection” but yesterday was exceptional.

Jaxon and I went back-to-school shopping and had some of the best conversations of my life. That kid is DEEP and soulful and operates on a higher consciousness level than most.

We came home and helped Jillian move onto campus for a week as she was selected as a campus leader to help some of the incoming Freshmen acclimate to college.

After, the whole family went to the movies and suffered through a really bizarre movie. We laughed, analyzed and laughed some more.

I spent some meaningful time with my husband who I am so grateful for and blessed to have in my life.

The day was “typical” yet one I will hold dear and cherish all my life.

The true joys in life aren’t marked by huge occasions, they are marked my meaningful time with the most precious people in our lives.

It’s gonna be OK!

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