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Low Carb Big Mac Tacos

Low Carb Big Mac Tacos

Craving that Big Mac flavor? These Big Mac tacos may be messy but they are delicious!

Use some low carb tortillas and a pound of ground beef. This makes about 8 tacos.

Roll the ground beef in balls and smash down on the tortilla and top with salt, pepper and onion powder.

Put face down on a skillet and cook about 4 minutes and flip and top with cheese for another 2 minutes.

Make your Big Mac sauce, the best part.

Then spoon on top of the taco along with some lettuce, diced onions and sliced pickles.

Save this recipe cuz you are gonna wanna make it again!

Low Carb and fantastic! Enjoy!

Big Mac Sauce

½ cup sugar free ketchup

½ cup mayo

½ cup chopped dill pickles

2 tbsp pickle juice

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