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Keto Teriyaki Chicken

Are you eating low carb or keto and looking for simple recipes the whole family will enjoy? This recipe checks all the boxes! I remember thinking I would get so bored eating low carb all the time. NOPE! I’m never bored and here I am… 5 years in and still discovering new recipes.

Start with cooking diced chicken breast in some avocado oil, mixing in some salt and pepper along with minced garlic and ginger, then set aside.

In the same skillet cook frozen cauliflower rice in butter and add some frozen peppers and onions. Once veggies are tender, add in this Sugar Free Teriyaki Marinade.

Stir the chicken back in and heat through then serve.

One dish, one plate, low carb and under 20 minutes... Perfect for this busy mama!

Ingredients 3 Diced Chicken Breasts 2 tbsp Avocado Oil 1 tsp Minced Garlic 1 tsp Ginger Salt & Pepper to taste 12 oz Frozen Cauliflower Rice 2 tbsp Butter 1 ½ cups Frozen Peppers & Onions 1 bottle Sugar Free Teriyaki Marinade

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