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I hope my story inspires you to never quit...

Maybe my story will give someone hope to never quit searching for something to help them feel better.

Even if my path isn’t for you, I hope you keep going until you find your own.

Just to introduce myself...

I’m a 47-year-old wife and mom of a 21-year-old and 18-year-old and 2 dogs. I’ve been a family photographer for the past 19 years.

Before I started this journey...

I would wake up and hit the snooze button multiple times. Literally waking up already overwhelmed by the day ahead of me. The night before, I was up and down and my mind was racing with worry.

I would put on my stretchy pants and a tunic and try to pretty my face and hair as much as possible to make up for not liking the way my body looked.

I went to work... I napped any chance I got.

I worked hard for the people I love only to not have the energy to enjoy them and BE with them in the evenings.

My evenings were eating on the couch, watching tv or trying to escape in a book.

My weekends were about sleeping in and taking naps.

I could not lose weight and had no energy or focus to try.

I took all the pills, the potions, the powders, the prescriptions. I did all the fad diets. NONE of that worked and only left me feeling like more of a failure.

Thankfully a photography client made a post on FB that would set into motion my liberation from the life I lived for almost 2 decades.

I found a simple drink that gave me solid sleep, amazing energy through the day, appetite control, and so much more!

I was LIVING and thriving in my life again because my body actually had the fuel it craved and functioned optimally.

My life is SOOOO different now! I feel great in my skin, I have energy to do things with my family, I’m finally an active participant in my life.

Will what I used help you? I believe so, but whatever path you choose, just don’t give up hope. Keep going and know you are worth feeling your best. ❤️

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