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🍬 How Sugar is Sabotaging You! 🍭

Did ya know???

I think I was always aware that sugar wasn’t good for me but I had no idea just how toxic it was for my body and brain.

I also didn’t realize that it’s in almost everything! As consumers, it’s on US to stay vigilant. We have to read labels, know what ingredients are, and make decisions not based on “weight” but on actual health!

I started 5 years ago on this journey of cutting sugars out of my life. I thought it was gonna be difficult, but it’s been easier and more sustainable than I imagined.

Metabolic health is imperative... No compromising this for me!

You deserve to be healthy… physically and mentally. What you feed your body, you feed your brain.

It’s not about getting “skinny”, it’s about getting HEALTHY!💪

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