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Gaining my weight back is one of my BIGGEST Fears

For YEARS, even decades I battled my weight! I would lose here and there only to gain it back PLUS more! That picture on the left is one of the only ones of me at my largest... definitely was NOT a fan of having my picture taken.

Almost 7 years ago, I found a plan I could stick to... I got my body in ketosis (not through diet) and was able to maintain a low carb lifestyle. Everything was great... I lost 70 lbs within my first 6 months and maintained it for years!

THEN... perimenopause kicked in along with a hysterectomy... YIKES! I gained 10 lbs and couldn't get it to budge doing the same things that worked before. I needed a shake up!

So... lucky for me, there was a new kit that dropped from my company called a Summer Slim Down. It wasn't that much different from what I was already doing, just a little more intentional and timed differently.

So I gave it a shot... LISTEN! I was shocked! The Kit is a 28 day program but within 2 weeks, I was down 8 lbs and 7 1/2 inches (mostly from my belly).

I'm soooo ALL IN with this kit for anyone looking to lose body fat, especially for people who think it's just not in the cards for them.

If you wanna try it, grab a $20 off link for the kit HERE.

You're gonna get 20 servings of ketone supplements so you are in ketosis right away.

A 5 day Intermittent Fasting Kit (not your mama's intermittent fasting) - Advanced technology

A 60 Hour Reboot Kit (Fasted Cleanse) - MAJOR ACCELERATOR!

Also, anyone who grabs it... gets FREE access to my July Fat Loss Master Class. Learn more about that HERE!

The Class includes:

Guides, meal plans, recipes, coaching, tips/hacks, exercise plans, mindset coaching and MORE for FREE when you purchase any Keto Nat Product from my store.

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