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Be GRATEFUL for those Succeeding!

I compare myself to others...

Not a statement of pride, but sometimes it creeps in.

First thought... “DANG IT Sally... I’m so sick of seeing all your success. Stop shoving it down our throats.”

Second thought.. “I suck! I’m a failure. I can’t do this!”

So how do I stop this spiral downward? How do I stop this feeling that I’m physically and emotionally shrinking and get back to the feeling of EXPANSION?

I hosted a Clubhouse today on this exact topic.

One of my biggest takeaways was from @elceidata “God puts these people in your path to inspire you and show you what is possible.”

It all comes to mindset... be GRATEFUL for those succeeding! They are NOT your adversary, they were put there to be your inspiration.

Quickest way to pop out of that negative space... 1. Message those people and tell them how grateful you are for them showing up and playing big. 2. List the things you are AMAZING at. 3. Find one system that that person does that you can emulate.

You cannot and should not ever try to BE someone else. You are here to be YOU... but we can replicate processes by others who are where we want to be.

It’s gonna be OK!

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