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Can you relate???

Feel it's time to make a change?

In 2016... I was BROKEN!  Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially.  Luckily, like you... someone posted to social media something that they found to help them.  That person (her name is Stephanie) will always be my hero.  She gave me hope and more importantly, she gave me a tool.

Maybe this is your story too...  Can you relate to any of these things???

  • Yo-Yo dieter?

  • Feel tired most of the time?

  • Hit the snooze button multiple times each morning?

  • Hit the wall every afternoon?

  • Feel hungry when you know your not?

  • Crave carby foods that you know are bad?

  • Easy to trigger (yell or cry)?

  • Feel like a FAILURE cuz you keep trying and nothing seems to work?

This was ME!!!  All of these things and more...  For decades I tried and failed at so many things to get my health in check and just feel BETTER!  It wasn't about vanity... I just wanted to feel "normal".  I just wanted to LIVE, not exist while faking that "bubbly" personality for everyone.

I had to make a change... for me... for my family... for my future!  And I DID!!!!  I lost 70 pounds but more importantly than that, I got ME back.  My energy, my happy mood, my sleep and found freedom from a food addiction that started at the age of 7 following a traumatic event.

I'm so glad YOU are here, cuz it means you are ready for a change too.  Whatever road you take, I wish you nothing but the absolute BEST!  If you want to follow on my journey... WELCOME!  I'm here to support you, educate you and cheer you on all along the way.

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My story, sadly, wasn't JUST about my crappy health although was created due to it.  My husband and I owned our own business for 16 years.  For 8 of those I was sick and struggled to keep up, which led us to get behind on bills.  

  • Foreclosure

  • Checking our bank account before getting groceries

  • Pay for gas or pay for groceries

  • No college fund for our kids

  • Borrowing money from family to make house repairs

  • Borrowing money from credit cards

  • Paying employees, but couldn't pay ourselves

  • Stacks of bills... paying the minimum or less each month

There wasn't much hope to get ahead.  Once we got behind, there was no way to get out.  We couldn't work more hours (there were none).  Our American Dream had turned into the American Nightmare.

Once my health returned (physical and mental) I realized I had to make a change.  I needed another avenue for revenue and it had to be something I could do at home.  I learned from an amazing team of coaches how to utilize social media using my phone to earn extra income.  It literally SAVED our home.  We paid off our bills, we pay for our daughter's college, we travel, we save for retirement and we have hope for a prosperous future.

The BEST part...  I now get to teach others to do the same.  To pay back the blessing I was offered and accepted.  It's not easy, but it's simple.  Follow the system, plug in, be coachable, be consistent and you can do this too.

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