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Shredded Chicken (Meal Prepping

Shredded Chicken

First rule of weight loss… be prepared. I’ve lost 70lbs and preparation has been a huge tool.

  I keep shredded chicken on hand weekly to use for several different meals.

I love using my Instant Pot.  Here I have 3 chicken breasts seasoning with salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder and then just pour a ½ cup of chicken broth on top.

I put my setting to Poultry and it doesn’t take much time at all.

When done, I drain about ½ the liquid and then shred.  Keep this in your fridge and pull out for chicken salad, chicken tacos and several other low carb meals.

.If you wanna lose weight, start with being prepared. 



3 chicken breasts

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

1 tbsp onion powder

1 tbsp garlic powder

½ cup chicken broth

Instant Pot Setting “Poultry”

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