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Low Carb Chocolate Chip, Protein Cookie Dough

How about some edible cookie dough that’s low carb and packed with high quality protein. Perfect for post workout or if ya just want to keep something yummy in the fridge.

Start with adding almond flour and coconut flour. Next pour in some sugar free maple syrup, (RXSugar is my favorite brand) and vanilla.

Sprinkle some pink salt in there along with some coconut oil. I added 1 scoop of my fave *protein powder cuz it has BHB ketones in it and then some sugar free chocolate chips.

Mix it all together and put in a serving dish. This is for sure two servings, it’s so filling.

Ingrediets 1 cup almond flour ¼ cup coconut flour ¼ cup Sugar Free Maple Syrup (RXSugar) 3 tbsp coconut oil Dash of salt 1 tsp vanilla 1 scoop Protein Powder (KETO/os Chocolate Swirl) 1/3 cup sugar free chocolate chips

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